I’m gearing up for the launch of LATITUDE ZERO — just about two months away! July 3! It’s hard to wrap my mind around it because my head’s been in Book #3, which takes place in Turkey. Now I’m mentally zipping around the globe (or getting some kind of global whiplash) as I prepare to send Book #2 out into the world.

And to kick off the countdown . . . I’m thrilled to announce that the LATITUDE ZERO book trailer is here!

I’m really excited about this trailer . . . I worked with a talented guy named Alex Trivilino, who works in TV in Los Angeles and has a really great eye. I think he did an awesome job putting this together and conveying the excitement of bicycle racing and intrigue of an international mystery — this one taking us to Ecuador.

I’m also excited to feature some photography by my sister — Darcie Renn — in the trailer. I lived and worked in Ecuador years ago, back in the days when I took pictures with film (!), so many of the Ecuador pictures you see in the second half of the trailer were taken by my sister on her recent business trip there.

The LATITUDE ZERO trailer is premiering today over at the Mundie Moms blog, so you’ll need to go there to check it out! While you’re at it, you can enter the giveaway! You can win a signed ARC of LATITUDE ZERO, plus some fun swag like Latitude Zero-themed bike race bibs and bike decals/stickers, and bookmarks.

This link will take you right to Mundie Moms, the trailer and the giveaway! 

More LATITUDE ZERO news and updates coming soon!