Two winners have been selected for last week’s Gallery Giveaway!

Que M. won the signed copy of TOKYO HEIST and swag.
Molly N. won the signed print from Rich Lee, and TOKYO HEIST swag.

Congratulations! You’ll be hearing from me soon. And thank you to all who participated in last week’s giveaway and dropped by to meet the talented Rich Lee!

I’ll be introducing you to a third artist tomorrow and running a third giveaway.

Meanwhile, there are a couple of other TOKYO HEIST giveaways still going on elsewhere: YA Books Central and Hobbitsies: A Book Blog.

Incredibly, there are just ten more days until the book is officially out in the world! Some lovely reviews of TOKYO HEIST have come out recently:
Hobbitsies: A Book Blog
The Reading Date
Manga Maniac Cafe
and . . .
a review from Susan Carpenter in The L.A. Times! Whoa!

This was also a huge thrill . . . a big box of Tokyo Heists arrived the other day! The book is no longer a computer file, or a paperback ARC, but a finished, corrected, hardcover book! There’s been a lot of screaming and dancing in my house lately.

Well, mostly. That’s my little boy with his legs in the air. He’s either flipped from happiness or completely underwhelmed and just focused on his headstand technique. I suspect the latter.

The cat, at least, seems pleased.

Have a great Monday everyone! Back tomorrow with Week 3 of the Gallery!