Dear Readers,

There’s just one week until the launch of TROUBLE AT TURTLE POND, out from Fitzroy Books / Regal House on April 5!

I’m excited to share that TROUBLE AT TURTLE POND has been getting some love from news outlets, including my local newspaper, The Concord Journal!

The article is also online, if you’d like to give it a click.

I’ve also got a piece out on Zoo New England’s Field Conservation blog. Read on for a teaser!

How Volunteering with Blanding’s Turtles Hatched a Book Idea

“The road to writing my mystery novel for children, Trouble at Turtle Pond, began with a turtle. Soon after my family and I moved to Concord, Massachusetts, I swerved to avoid a large snapping turtle in our street. I had never seen one before. Nor would I have believed that turtles were about to enter my life in a big way.”

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