It’s the day before BLUE VOYAGE hits shelves — I can’t believe it’s finally time to release this book into the wild!

I have some real-life events in the New England/ New York area coming up this fall (including TWO release parties and a writing workshop this week — please see my Events page for details!)

I’m also voyaging through the Blogosphere, chatting with reviewers and bloggers and podcasters, and giving away free copies along the route! Please check back here for updates!

Here are some great blogs to check out that are featuring BLUE VOYAGE today:

Itching for Books kicks off the BLUE VOYAGE virtual tour, hosting a guest post by me about cursed treasure and other archaeological inspirations for the novel. They’re also running a giveaway for two copies of the book!

Booking Mama has an excellent review of the novel, and is running a giveaway!

Adventures in YA Publishing featured BLUE VOYAGE in its round-up of YA releases this week. Check out the 17 siblings BLUE VOYAGE has for new releases this week – what a list! (And AYAP is giving away SIX of these new releases, including a copy of BLUE VOYAGE!) AYAP also mentioned BLUE VOYAGE as one of their Fall Picks.

The YA Books Central giveaway runs for 11 more days!

There is also a GoodReads giveaway underway, for 13 more days!

Also every day this week and next I’ll be posting here a photo from my own travels in Turkey and explaining how it inspired some aspect of the book. Here’s your Blue Voyage photo of the day:

These are gulet boats on a “Blue Voyage” (or “Blue Cruise”) in Turkey, taken from the one I was on. Boats drop anchor along the rocky coastline of the Turkish Riveria. This is a typical view that my main character, Zan, would see from her boat in the opening of the novel, and it’s also the type of boat she herself would be on.

More tomorrow . . . happy travels!

(Many thanks to Saichek Publicity!!)