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I am so excited to finally share the cover of my third young adult novel, BLUE VOYAGE! The reveal is being hosted by the fantastic digital magazine YA Interrobang, which is devoted to news and articles about all things YA.

I’m delighted to have the cover up there today because it feels like coming home in the blogosphere! Or full circle. Or something. Nicole Brinkley, the magazine’s founder, was the first blogger I ever worked with when I was a debut author beginning to spread the word about TOKYO HEIST back in 2011. I did a guest post for Nicole’s Word for Teens blog.

In fact, I’m so delighted to be featured at Nicole’s new venue that I’m giving away TWO things over at YA Interrobang this week: an ARC (galley) of BLUE VOYAGE, which should be available in about a month, and a pre-order of the book on Amazon!

Also, I’m deeply grateful to the talented Kate Renner at Viking for this fantastic cover design! I think she perfectly captured the feel of a mystery set in Turkey, and the cover feels like an invitation to adventure. I hope you like it too!

So  . . . head on over to YA Interrobang and see it for yourself!

I am thrilled to announce that my second novel, LATITUDE ZERO (Viking/Penguin), is now available for pre-order!

Three key ingredients in the new book: Bike racing. Ecuador. A mysterious death.

I’d say more, but I’m going to turn it over to the lovely Tara Gonzalez ,who is revealing the cover and the summary today at her excellent YA book blog, Hobbitsies. She’s also giving away one pre-order of the book!

For those of you who’ve supported me on the writing journey of this book, and perhaps even kept up with my (sporadic) blog posts while I was busy writing this past year, thank you! Please join me on the race to release day!