Today I’m celebrating Teen Lit Day by participating in Rock the Drop! Rock the Drop was started by Readergirlz, a literacy and social media project for teens. It’s now also supported by the fantastic teen community writing site, Figment.

For Rock the Drop, participants leave YA books around their community — libraries, cafes, bus stops, schools — wherever we think teens might stumble across them. Then we post a picture of our book drop to the Readergirlz Facebook page and tweet about the drop with the #rockthedrop hashtag.
If you’d like to rock the drop, visit the Figment or Readergirlz sites for more information, or feel free to use this handy dandy bookplate to print out and insert in your own books. And if you’re a teen looking for books, happy hunting! They’re out there!

I’m skulking around and dropping off five books around my community today. Inside each one is this bookplate, as well as one of my bookmarks and a note. Each donated book comes wrapped in exclusively manufactured, high-quality TOKYO HEIST crime scene tape. If you found one of my book drops, I’d love to hear from you!