Hey, it’s biking season AND summer reading season! I’m celebrating both at Boston Bike Friday, this Friday the 27th.

If you’re in the Boston area, and you work in the city, Boston Bike Friday should definitely be on your radar. One Friday a month, convoys with leaders will ride into the city from various towns. The whole point is to encourage bike commuting and get people to use bikes more in general. The convoys all lead to City Hall, where there is a big breakfast party outside for cyclists, and a festival with participating local bike-related businesses.

I’m a cyclist, but I’m also a local bike-related business of sorts, since I wrote a mystery involving bikes. So I will be at City Hall this Friday with a LATITUDE ZERO booth and my cool street team!

We’ll be handing out Gatorade and water to thirsty riders, plus . . .  LATITUDE ZERO swag– including racing bibs and bike stickers. Also, we have sneak peaks of the hardcover book! My author copies and ARCs will be on display, and the book is available there for pre-order in advance of the 7/3 release date. PLUS . . . you can take a way your very own Chapter 7, which is all about cycling. And will slip neatly into your messenger bag or even your back pocket if you happen to be coming by bike.

If you’re in the area, I’d love to meet you! Come say hi!