I had a lot of fun putting this list together! A new book browsing website, Shepherd.org, has been reaching out to authors and asking us to participate in the building of this site by creating book recommendation lists on a topic we love, ideally connected to one of our own books. This makes perfect sense to me, since I’m constantly recommending books to people, and I read widely and deeply on topics related to books that I am writing. I have at least a full shelf of books for every novel I’ve published. Strangely, after time passes I sometimes forget things that I wrote in those books, but I remember the novels I read along the way, that offered inspiration and kept me company like friends.

I’ve been reading lots of eco-themed books in the past several years, especially this year as I prepare to launch TROUBLE AT TURTLE POND and am intensely working on a book 2.

I also like how Shepherd book lists are short and give a sense of the writer’s personal connections to these books, as opposed to dry summaries – it feels like meeting up with friends at a cafe and hearing about what they’ve been reading if you only have a few minutes to spare. (Which is one of my favorite kinds of conversations, actually! Hi — how are you – but enough about you, what are you reading??)

My post at Shepherd went live today, and here it is! Click on the link below to find out who I’ve been reading!