I’ve always enjoyed making trailers for my books, and I think I had the most fun making this one!

A lot of the images you’ll see are pictures I took myself. Some of the scenery comes from the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Concord, MA, where a population of endangered Blanding’s turtles (as well as other turtles) reside.

You’ll see a snapping turtle lumbering along a street; she’s actually one of my neighbors. You’ll also see some Blanding’s turtle hatchlings we fostered in our home in partnership with a local wildlife conservation program. You’ll see more turtles than people in this video, as I feel it’s important to see turtles in all their glory to understand why the kids in my novel are so entirely invested in saving them from the various dangers they face. And since endangered Blanding’s turtles reside only in specific areas of North America, I thought it was especially important to let you see them as both hatchlings and adults. (You’ll see one in particular who loves the limelight!)

Trouble at Turtle Pond will be published on April 5, 2022! It’s available for pre-order as an original paperback or in special hardcover edition on the Fitzroy Books / Regal House website, on Bookshop (a healthier alternative to a larger online entity), and, if you’d like a signed copy, my local bookstore, Silver Unicorn Books in Acton, MA.

And so without further ado .  . . I’m so excited to share with you the book trailer for Trouble at Turtle Pond! Here it is!