The YAmazing Race is officially over! Winners of the race will be announced tomorrow on the Apocalypsies blog. The winner of my bonus contest for TOKYO HEIST will be announced tomorrow on this blog. (That contest runs until midnight EST, due to a Rafflecopter quirk, so there’s still a little time to enter!)

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for stopping by on the YAmazing Race, and for participating in my bonus contest. I’m awed by the amount of people who left thoughtful comments, who went over to my  Facebook page, who tweeted or retweeted, and who also checked out the Sleuths Spies and Alibis blog and followed us on Twitter. It takes time, energy, and effort to do all this. Many other things were demanding your time — work, classes, family, friends, sleep, other books to read — but you chose to spend some of your time following an elaborate blog hop. You got acquainted with many debut authors (over 60 if you did the whole thing!) and added to your already lengthy TBR lists. How wonderful!

As debut authors, we notice and greatly appreciate your support of our books. I was speaking at a writing conference this past weekend with two fellow Apocalypsies, and at one point all our phones were vibrating with notifications of Facebook “likes” and comments left on our blogs by race participants. We love knowing readers are out there, and that the passion for books is alive and well, even with so many other things competing for people’s attention.

I read every comment that was left on this blog, and have added to my own lengthy lists of new books to check out. Starting tomorrow, I’ll post some of the highlights from the comments people left: intriguing Japanese-related books and manga, plus the top favorite artists you shared.

Thanks so much for participating!