Over the years people have given me all kinds of fancy bookmarks, from bookstores and art museum gift shops. Silk tassels, gold plating, whimsical and serious, I’ve got them all. Somewhere. I never seem to have these glorious bookmarks within arms reach when I need them most. So I usually mark my place with whatever’s on hand. These days, that’s usually crumpled receipts, tissues, bill envelopes, pens, paperclips, packages of gum. Right now I’m halfway through John Green’s new novel, my place marked by one of my son’s foam dinosaurs. (You know, one of those toys that starts as a capsule you drop into warm water, and it evolves into a shape? It’s dry, but still. How can I mark my place in a John Green novel with a toy dinosaur?)

Thinking about bookmark dilemmas inspired me to have some bookmarks made for Tokyo Heist. I have a nice big box of them coming my way, so I should never be without. The designer just sent me the final files yesterday, and I’m thrilled to reveal the bookmark design:

The designer is Keary Taylor, of Indie Cover Designs. I love her work! If you’re a writer looking for a designer, I highly recommend her. She designs all kinds of swag as well as covers. (She also happens to write paranormal romance and thrillers; you can check out her author website here).

If you are a librarian or bookseller and would like a small stack of these Tokyo Heist bookmarks to distribute, or if you’re a book blogger with a swag basket, please send me your address and I’ll be happy to mail some out to you.

So I’m wondering, do people really use bookmarks for their intended purpose? (For those of us not reading everything on an eReader?) What’s the most unusual thing you’ve used as a bookmark?